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Customers under current support maintenance contract can download their relevant installation below


Release Date Download
TPAM 2.5.923 Hotfix 10530v2 for Solution 312630 - Oracle versions prior to version 12 may have errors related to expired passwords when performing a password change in TPAM3/19/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10343 for Solution 261763 - Some data extract reports could be blank9/16/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10490v2 for Solution 328352 - DPA v3's show unknown status after upgrade from TPAM 2.5.920 to 2.5.921 or 2.5.9225/6/2021
TPAM Hotfix 10520 for Solution 320578 - Address an issue with PSM code signing6/24/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10533 for Solution 314280 - Account discovery for the Oracle platform is not working3/11/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10551 for Solution 320759 - Issue with Radius and LDAP external authentication6/25/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10560 for Solution 327459 - Issues managing iDRAC 8 systems10/6/2020
TPAM Hotfix 10613 for Solution 332767 - Added integrity verification checks to physical DPA v4 appliances and virtual DPA v4 and virtual DPA v36/8/2021
TPAM Hotfix 10621 for Solution 331374 - Mitigation Against Microsoft CVE-2021-240743/16/2021
TPAM Hotfix 10625 for Solution 333114 - Error when running a session on DPA 4's with TLS set to 1.27/22/2021
TPAM REQUIRED Operating System Patch Prerequisites for TPAM Version 2.5.923 - Hotfix OSPatch_4474419 for Solution 3139302/27/2020