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Download Privilege Manager for Unix 7.1.1 Full Installer (.TAR.GZ)


IMPORTANT: Release 7.0 requires a new license key. New Licenses have to be added after upgrading to version 7.0


IMPORTANT: Release 7.0 requires a new license key. Please obtain the new key before installing the new release. To obtain a new key, please Contact Licensing. For more information and instructions see KB Article 328241.

IMPORTANT: The Safeguard for Sudo 7.0 Policy Server when used with older Safeguard for Sudo Plugins may cause high CPU usage under certain circumstances.  It is One Identity’s recommendation to upgrade the Plugins immediately after upgrading the policy server. For more information, please see KB Article 330695.

Privilege Manager for Unix protects the full power of root from potential misuse or abuse. With Privilege Manager for Unix there is no need to worry about anyone deleting critical files, modifying file permissions or databases, reformatting disks, or doing more subtle damage. Privilege Manager for Unix enables you to define a security policy that stipulates who has access to which root functions, as well as when and where they can perform those functions. It controls access to existing programs as well as purpose-built utilities that run common system administration tasks. At the administrator's request, Privilege Manager for Unix can protect sensitive data from network monitoring by encrypting the root commands or sessions it controls, including control messages and input keyed by users while running commands through Privilege Manager for Unix.

Bitte prÜfen Sie den PrÜfsummenwert, um die Integrität Ihres Downloads sicherzustellen.
SHA256: 0a947d9351ce35712714ae31d8165f45840b48b22f2c02745794eacd83d6c7ab