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Identity Manager 8.1.3 - Administration Guide for Connecting to ServiceNow

Managing ServiceNow

One Identity Manager offers simplified integration with ServiceNow, which allows users of both systems to navigate easily from ServiceNow into One Identity Manager and gives users a "one stop shop" to request all IT related items.

One form of integration between One Identity Manager and ServiceNow provides ServiceNow the control to act as a master.

The integration between ServiceNow and One Identity Manager, provides mutual customers a complementary identity access governance and service management solution. This solution works to ensure that clear audit trails and strong controls are in place to meet ever stringent security and compliance requirements around user access to sensitive applications. One Identity Manager does this by creating service request tickets within ServiceNow, when a request for access is submitted from One Identity Manager and the fulfillment of the request requires manual completion by an IT service agent.

For example, when an end-user requests application access (SAP, etc) in One Identity Manager and that request requires manual fulfillment (no automated provisioning is available / preferred), the integration creates a ticket in ServiceNow. One Identity Manager then tracks the request by polling ServiceNow for the ticket's status periodically. As the IT service agent updates the status of the ticket the changes are reflected in One Identity Manager. Once a ticket is closed or complete, One Identity Manager records this and closes the request. This is all tracked within One Identity Manager so that it can be reported on and provided as part of an audit.

Another form of integration between One Identity Manager and ServiceNow provides the control to One Identity Manager to act as the master. Tickets are created for service items that have their service categories enabled for ServiceNow. These requests are subjected to the regular approval policies of the Identity Manager and the changes done on the requests are updated to ServiceNow allowing users to check the status of the requests or their tickets on ServiceNow.

Technical Overview

To access ServiceNow data, the ServiceNow Component is installed on a synchronization server. The ServiceNow Component establishes communication with the ServiceNow Cloud through the ServiceNow REST APIs. This ensures that tasks such as creating and tracking tickets can be configured through the One Identity Manager interface.

Figure 1: One Identity Manager and ServiceNow Integration


The integration solution uses the following process chains to create and track service tickets:

  • SCN_Create ServiceNow ticket: This process chain uses the CreateTicket SCN process task.

  • SCN_Get ServiceNow ticket status: This process chain uses the GetTicketStatus SCN process task.

  • SCN_Update One Identity Manager status to ServiceNow: This process chain uses the UpdateServiceNowStatus SCN process task.

Installation of ServiceNow Module

ServiceNow module is similar to other One Identity Manager modules and follows the same installation model. For information on installation of ServiceNow module, refer the Installing One Identity Manager Components section of the One Identity Manager Installation Guide.

Configuring ServiceNow module

Before proceeding with the ServiceNow configuration, ensure that a job server is assigned to the SCN-Connector-Ext role. Configuring ServiceNow module involves the following:



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