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Identity Manager 8.1 - API Designer User and Development Guide

The API Designer Basic principles of API development Examples and help – Software Development Kit Quick start – Creating an API Working with the API Designer
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The API Designer

The API Designer allows you to create, record, compile and publish a REST-API (Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface) in the quickest way possible. This API is based on the OpenAPI Specification and the One Identity Manager database model.

The main benefits of API Designer:

  • Easy and fast operation

  • The finished API ‘understands’ the One Identity Manager database model.

  • Modifications to the API are visible.

  • Supports the principles of good API design.

  • OpenAPI support: APIs that you create using the API Designer are based upon the OpenAPI specification as standard. This allows you to make use of other tools:

    • Swagger: Use Swagger to create code, documentation and test cases.
    • Postman: Use Postman to test the various methods of your API.

Basic principles of API development

The main components of an API created using the API Designer are files and projects.

Basic information on API files:

  • You can use API files to send data to the application or request data from the application.

  • One API file can belong to more than one project.

The basics of API projects:

  • API projects combine multiple API files into logical sections. The API project includes the configuration.

Related Topics

Examples and help – Software Development Kit

To make it easier for you to start developing your API with the API Designer, One Identity provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) with lots of commented code example.

The SDK can be found on the installation medium in the directory QBM\dvd\AddOn\ApiSamples.

Quick start – Creating an API

The following provides a rough list of the steps you must take to create an API in the API Designer.

  1. Start the API Designer.

  2. Create API files (in which you can define an API method, for example).

  3. Create an API project.

  4. Configure the authentication for the API project (e.g. Single Sign-On).

  5. Assign the created API files to the API project.

  6. Test the API.

  7. Compile the API.

  8. Save the changes to the database.

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