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syslog-ng Store Box 6.3.0 - Installation Guide

syslog-ng Store Box Software Installation Guide

This section describes how to install the syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) software on a certified hardware.

Note that installing and reinstalling SSB can take a long time, especially for a HA cluster. There are no supported workarounds for reducing the necessary downtime. One Identity recommends testing SSB in a virtual environment, and using physical hardware only for verifying HA functionality and measuring performance.

Installing the SSB software

The following describes how to install a new SSB on a server.

To install a new SSB on a server

  1. Log in to your support portal account and download the latest syslog-ng Store Box installation ISO file. Note that you need to have partner access to download syslog-ng Store Box ISO files. If you are a partner but do not see the ISO files, you can request partner access within the support portal.

  2. Mount the ISO image, or burn it to a CD-ROM.

  3. Connect your computer to the IPMI interface of SSB. For details, see the following documents:

    For syslog-ng Store Box Appliance 3000 and 3500, see the IPMI User's Guide.

  4. Power on the server.

  5. Log in to the IPMI web interface, and boot the syslog-ng Store Box installation CD on the server using a virtual CD-ROM. For details, see the following documents:

    For syslog-ng Store Box Appliance 3000 and 3500, see the IPMI User's Guide.

  6. When the syslog-ng Store Box installer starts, select Installer, pressEnter, and wait until the server finishes the boot process.

  7. Select Install a new SSB and pressEnterto start the installation process. Depending on the size of the disks, the installation process takes from a few minutes to an hour to complete. The progress of the installation is indicated in the Installation Steps window.

  8. The installer displays the following question: Warning, all data on the hard drive(s) will be erased. Are you sure? Select Yes and pressEnter.

  9. The installer displays the MAC addresses of the network interfaces found in the SSB unit. Record these addresses.

  10. The installer displays the product name (the SSB configuration that was installed). If the product name displayed does not match the product you wanted to install, complete the following steps:

    1. Check that the hardware configuration of the appliance matches the specifications provided by One Identity.

    2. If the configuration matches the specifications but the installer displays a different product name, contact our Support Team.

  11. During the Finishing the Setup step, the installer performs RAID synchronization.

    • Select Yes to perform the RAID synchronization. RAID synchronization is a two-step process, the progress of the active step is indicated on the progress bar. Wait until both steps are completed. Note that this synchronization takes several hours (about 8 hours on average).

    • Select No to skip the RAID synchronization. Note that the system will automatically perform the synchronization after the first boot, but in this case the process will take several days.

  12. After the installation is finished, pressEnterto return to the main menu.

  13. Select Reboot and press Enter to restart the system. Wait until the system reboots.

  14. Connect your computer to the EXT interface of SSB. Create an alias IP address for your computer that falls into the subnet (for example, For details, see "The initial connection to SSB" in the Administration Guide.

  15. Open the URL in your web browser and verify that the Welcome Wizard of the syslog-ng Store Box is available.


    For details on the supported web browsers and operating systems, see "Supported web browsers" in the Administration Guide.

    Figure 1: The Welcome Wizard

  16. Power off the system.

syslog-ng Store Box VMware Installation Guide

This tutorial describes the possibilities and limitations of installing syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) 6.3 as a virtual appliance under a VMware ESXi server.

Limitations of SSB under VMware

The following limitations apply to running version 6.3 of SSB under VMware:

  • SSB can be installed under the following VMware versions:

    • VMware ESXi 4.0 or later.

    • VMware ESX 4.0 or later.

  • SSB can only use fixed disk space assigned to the virtual host, it is not possible to use on-demand disk allocation scenarios. To increase the size of the virtual disk, see Increasing the virtual disk size of SSB under a virtual machine.

  • If High Availability (HA) operation mode is required in a virtual environment, use the HA function provided by the virtual environment.

  • Hardware-related alerts and status indicators of SSB may display inaccurate information, for example, display degraded RAID status.

  • Creating Quiesced snapshots is not supported. Disable this option when taking a snapshot of your SSB appliance, otherwise the boot firmware of the appliance becomes tainted.

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