If IT operating data changes, you must transfer the changes to the existing user accounts. To do this, templates must be rerun on the affected columns. Before you can run the templates, you can check what effect a change to the IT operating data has on the existing user accounts. You can decide whether the change is transferred to the One Identity Manager database in the case of each affected column in each affected database.

  • The IT operating data of a department, a cost center, a business role, or a location have been changed.

    - OR -

  • The default values in the IT operating data template were modified for an account definition.

NOTE: If the assignment of an identity to a primary department, cost center, to a primary business role or to a primary location changes, the templates are automatically run.

To run the template

  1. In the Manager, select the Custom target systems > Basic configuration data > Account definitions > Account definitions category.

  2. Select an account definition in the result list.

  3. Select the Run templates task.

    This displays a list of all user accounts that were created with the selected account definition and whose properties were changed by modifying the IT operating data. That means:

    • Old value: Value of the object property before changing the IT operating data.

    • New value: Value of the object property after changing the IT operating data.

    • Selection: Specifies whether the new value is copied to the user account.

  4. Mark all the object properties in the selection column that will be given the new value.

  5. Click Apply.

    The templates are applied to all selected user accounts and properties.