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Identity Manager 9.2 - Administration Guide for Connecting to SharePoint Online

Mapping a SharePoint Online environment in One Identity Manager Synchronizing a SharePoint Online environment
Setting up initial synchronization with a SharePoint Online tenant SharePoint Online synchronization features Customizing the synchronization configuration Running synchronization Tasks following synchronization Troubleshooting Ignoring data error in synchronization Pausing handling of target system specific processes (Offline mode)
Managing SharePoint Online user accounts and identities Managing assignments of SharePoint Online groups and roles Mapping SharePoint Online objects in One Identity Manager
SharePoint Online tenants SharePoint Online user accounts SharePoint Online groups SharePoint Online permission levels SharePoint Online site collections SharePoint Online sites SharePoint Online roles Setting up SharePoint Online site collections and sites Reports about SharePoint Online objects
Handling of SharePoint Online objects in the Web Portal Basic data for managing a SharePoint Online environment Troubleshooting a SharePoint Online connection Configuration parameters for managing SharePoint Online Default project template for SharePoint Online Editing system objects

Editing main data of SharePoint Online groups

To edit group main data

  1. In the Manager, select the SharePoint Online > Groups category.

  2. Select the group in the result list.

  3. Select the Change main data task.

  4. Enter the required data on the main data form.

  5. Save the changes.
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SharePoint Online group main data

Enter the following main data of a group.

Table 21: SharePoint Online group main data
Property Description


Display name of the group.

Site collection

Site collection the group is used in.


Owner of the group. A SharePoint Online user account or a SharePoint Online group can be selected.

Service item

Service item data for requesting the group through the IT Shop.

Risk index

Value for evaluating the risk of assigning the group to user accounts. Set a value in the range 0 to 1. This input field is only visible if the QER | CalculateRiskIndex configuration parameter is activated.

For more information about risk assessment, see the One Identity Manager Risk Assessment Administration Guide.


Categories for group inheritance. Groups can be selectively inherited by user accounts. To do this, groups and user accounts are divided into categories. Select one or more categories from the menu.


Text field for additional explanation.


Specifies whether the group is shown in the user interface.

Memberships only visible to members

Specifies whether only group members can see the list of members.

Group members can edit memberships

Specifies whether all group members can edit the group memberships.

Request for membership permitted

Specifies whether SharePoint Online users can request or end membership in these groups themselves.

Automatic membership on request

Specifies whether SharePoint Online users automatically become members in the group once they request membership. The same applies when user end their membership.

Email address membership requested

Email address that the group membership request or closure is sent to.

IT Shop

Specifies whether the group can be requested through the IT Shop. If this option is set, the group can be requested through the Web Portal and allocated by defined approval processes. The group can still be assigned directly to hierarchical roles.

Only for use in IT Shop

Specifies whether the group can only be requested through the IT Shop. If this option is set, the group can be requested through the Web Portal and allocated by defined approval processes. Direct assignment of the group to hierarchical roles or user accounts is not permitted.

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Additional tasks for managing SharePoint Online groups

After you have entered the main data, you can run the following tasks.



Overview of SharePoint Online Groups

Overview of SharePoint Online groups

Assign user accounts

Assigning SharePoint Online user accounts directly to an entitlement

Assign SharePoint Online roles

Assigning SharePoint Online roles to SharePoint Online groups

Assign system roles

Adding SharePoint Online entitlements to system roles

Assign business roles

Assigning SharePoint Online entitlements to business roles

Assign organizations

Assigning SharePoint Online entitlements to departments, cost centers, and locations

Exclude groups

Effectiveness of SharePoint Online entitlement assignments

Add to IT Shop

Adding SharePoint Online entitlements to the IT Shop

Assigning extended properties

Assigning extended properties to SharePoint Online groups

Synchronize object

Synchronizing single objects

Overview of SharePoint Online groups

Use this task to obtain an overview of the most important information about a group.

To obtain an overview of a group

  1. In the Manager, select the SharePoint Online > Groups category.

  2. Select the group in the result list.

  3. Select the SharePoint Online group overview task.

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