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Identity Manager 9.2 - Administration Guide for Connecting to SharePoint Online

Mapping a SharePoint Online environment in One Identity Manager Synchronizing a SharePoint Online environment
Setting up initial synchronization with a SharePoint Online tenant SharePoint Online synchronization features Customizing the synchronization configuration Running synchronization Tasks following synchronization Troubleshooting Ignoring data error in synchronization Pausing handling of target system specific processes (Offline mode)
Managing SharePoint Online user accounts and identities Managing assignments of SharePoint Online groups and roles Mapping SharePoint Online objects in One Identity Manager
SharePoint Online tenants SharePoint Online user accounts SharePoint Online groups SharePoint Online permission levels SharePoint Online site collections SharePoint Online sites SharePoint Online roles Setting up SharePoint Online site collections and sites Reports about SharePoint Online objects
Handling of SharePoint Online objects in the Web Portal Basic data for managing a SharePoint Online environment Troubleshooting a SharePoint Online connection Configuration parameters for managing SharePoint Online Default project template for SharePoint Online Editing system objects

SharePoint Online site collections

Site collections and sites are mapped with their access rights to One Identity Manager. You cannot edit their properties in One Identity Manager. You can edit access rights managed within a site collection in One Identity Manager. To do this, SharePoint Online roles, groups, and user accounts are loaded into the One Identity Manager database.

A site collection groups child sites together. User account and their access permissions are managed on the sites. To automatically assign used accounts and identities, assign an account definition to the site collection.

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Editing main data of SharePoint Online site collections

To edit site collection main data

  1. In the Manager, select the SharePoint Online > Site collections category.

  2. Select the site collection in the result list. Select the Change main data task.

  3. Enter the required data on the main data form.

  4. Save the changes.
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General main data of a SharePoint Online site collection

The following properties are displayed for site collections.

NOTE: Only the account definition of the site collection can be edited.

Table 23: General main data of a site collection
Property Description


Title of the site collection.

Account definition

Initial account definition for creating user accounts. This account definition is used if automatic assignment of identities to user accounts is used for this site collection and if user accounts are to be created that are already managed (Linked configured). The account definition's default manage level is applied.

User accounts are only linked to the identity (Linked) if no account definition is given. This is the case on initial synchronization, for example.


Unique identifier of the Azure Active Directory tenant.

Root site

Link to the site collection root site. Links to a site that is set as root site.


Administrator user account for the site collection.


Name of the language.

Time zones

Unique identifier for the time zone.


Details of the geographical location.

Main version

The main version of this site collection for the purpose of compatibility checks at main version level.

Status information

Status of the site collection.

Site template

Unique identifier of SharePoint Online site template.

Used storage

Information about the storage taken up by the site collection on the server.

Used storage (%)

Percentage of storage space used.

Max. disk space

Maximum amount of disk space that this site collection can use in bytes.

Warn as from

Threshold in bytes above which a warning is sent to the site collection administrator before the maximum available storage space is exceeded.

Max usage quota

Maximum number of time users access can access the site collection per day.

Warn as from

Threshold in bytes above which a warning is sent to the site collection administrator before the maximum usage quota is exceeded.

Last content-relevant change

Time of last content-relevant change that was made to an object in this site collection.

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Address data for a SharePoint Online site collection

The following address data is mapped on the Addresses tab.

Table 24: Address data for a site collection
Properties Description
URL Complete URL of the site collection.
URL relative to server URL of the site collection relative to the server URL.

If the server declared in the URL can be resolved by DNS, you can open the site in the default browser.

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