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Identity Manager 9.2 - Administration Guide for Connecting to SharePoint Online

Mapping a SharePoint Online environment in One Identity Manager Synchronizing a SharePoint Online environment
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Managing SharePoint Online user accounts and identities Managing assignments of SharePoint Online groups and roles Mapping SharePoint Online objects in One Identity Manager
SharePoint Online tenants SharePoint Online user accounts SharePoint Online groups SharePoint Online permission levels SharePoint Online site collections SharePoint Online sites SharePoint Online roles Setting up SharePoint Online site collections and sites Reports about SharePoint Online objects
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Editing main data of SharePoint Online sites

To edit a site's main data

  1. In the Manager, select the SharePoint Online > Sites category.

  2. Select the site in the result list.

  3. Select the Change main data task.

  4. Enter the required data on the main data form.

  5. Save the changes.
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General main data of SharePoint Online sites

The following main data is displayed for sites.

Table 25: General main data of a site
Property Description


Display name of the site.


Specifies when the site was created.

User interface version

Version of the user interface (UI) of the website.

Parent site

Unique ID for the parent site.

Site collection

Unique identifier for the site collection to which the site belongs.

SharePoint Online site collection

The parent site of the selected website.


Name of the language.

Time zones

Unique identifier for the time zone.

Unique role assignments

Specifies whether user accounts and groups can be given direct permission for the website. If this option is not set, the role assignments are inherited from the parent site. No other user accounts or groups have permissions for this site.

Member group

Determines the users who have been assigned permissions for contributions to the website.

Owner group

The owner groups belonging to the site.

Visitor group

The visitor group belonging to the site.


Link to user account that created the site.

Request access email

Email address to which the access requests are sent.


Text field for additional explanation.

RSS feeds

Specifies whether RSS feeds are permitted on the site.

Contains confidential info

Specifies whether the site contains confidential information.


Information about whether a multilingual user interface is activated for the site.

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Address data of SharePoint Online sites

The following address data is mapped on the Addresses tab.

Table 26: Address data for a site



URL relative to server

URL of the site relative to the server URL.


Absolute site URL.

System master page URL

System master page URL, relative to the web application URL.

Site master page URL

Site master page URL, relative to the web application URL.

If the server declared in the URL can be resolved by DNS, you can open the site in the default browser.

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Design information of SharePoint Online sites

The following design information is displayed on the Design tab.

Table 27: Site design properties
Property Description

Site template

Unique identifier for the site template to be used when the site is created. A value is only shown if you add the site through One Identity Manager.

URL for logo

URL for the site logo relative to the web application URL.

Logo icon description

Description of the site's logo.

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