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Identity Manager 9.2 - Generic Database Connector User Guide for the generic ADO.NET Provider


For more information about correcting errors during synchronization of object hierarchies, see the One Identity Manager Target System Synchronization Reference Guide.

Help for analyzing synchronization issues

You can generate a report for analyzing problems that arise during synchronization, inadequate performance for example. The report contains information such as:

  • Consistency check results

  • Revision filter settings

  • Scope applied

  • Analysis of the data store

  • Object access times in the One Identity Manager database and in the target system

To generate a synchronization analysis report

  1. In the Synchronization Editor, open the synchronization project.

  2. Select the Help > Generate synchronization analysis report menu item and click Yes in the security prompt.

    The report may take a few minutes to generate. It is displayed in a separate window.

  3. Print the report or save it in one of the available output formats.

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