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Identity Manager 9.2 - Language Pack Guide

One Identity Manager Language Packs

By default, One Identity Manager provides support for two languages - English and German. However, the web portal can be displayed in additional languages, based on the current browser language being used.

This guide contains the information required to localize One Identity Manager and Data Governance Edition deployments. It is intended for network administrators, consultants, and any other IT professionals using the product.


  • One Identity Manager Language Pack .CSV files that contain the localized files
  • One Identity Manager Designer
  • One Identity Manager Installation Guide
  • One Identity Manager Configuration Guide

    Note: The complete localization package can be found on the One Identity Manager download page on the Support Portal (

Importing language files into One Identity Manager

The import process:

  • creates new entries in the "DialogMultilanguage" table.
  • updates existing entries (search based on columns Table,Column and Key) in table "DialogMultilanguage".
  • does not delete any files.

To import the files using the Designer

  1. In the lower pane of the navigation view, select Base Data.
  2. In the Language Editor Task pane (far right pane), select the Edit translation in database.

    The Language Editor appears.

  3. Click the Import toolbar button.

  4. Navigate to the required .csv language file, and click Open.

    The file import may take several minutes to complete. Click the Commit to database toolbar button to save the files to the One Identity Manager database.

Note: There are separate language packs for each module and each language, allowing you to install the required translations for the modules you have installed. Repeat this import process for each language pack to want to install.

Once the language files are imported into One Identity Manager, there are no additional steps required to configure the web portal to display in a different language. The web portal will display in the current browser language. For information on installing the web portal, see the One Identity Manager Installation Guide.

Importing language files into Data Governance Edition

To import an available language

  • Copy the culture folder with the localized dlls into the Data Governance Server installation SoftwareLoader folder (%ProgramFiles%\One Identity\One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition\Server\SoftwareLoader).
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