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Thank you for visiting My Groups FAQ’s . If you do not see an answer to your question below please contact us.

To create a group just click on the Add Group link above. You will need to register a product with your license number to generate a group and a group name will be automatically generated. After the group has been created you can change the group name and add members. For more information on creating groups view Getting Started with My Groups.

A group is a directory where you can see and contact all of your fellow product users within your organization. A group is created when a license number is initially registered on the portal. Group members are added as they use the same product licenses to register the product on their My Account or are added by the group administrator. The first person to register the licenses on the portal becomes the default group administrator.

There are three types of user permissions within your My Account; Administrator, License User and Support User.

  • Administrator permission is given to the first person to register the license number on the portal. The Administrator manages the groups and users within the group. The Administrator can add and delete support users. They can also add license users but will need to contact One Identity to delete users. The administrator can delegate their duties to other users but there must be at least one Administrator assigned to the group. Administrators by default have the same permission as license users and support users. Administrators are always visible to the other group member so members can coordinate activity.
  • License Users are assigned to a license during the purchase process. License users can also be added to the license number by the Administrator after the license number has been registered on the portal. License User can merge and retrieve license keys within the license page. License users CANNOT submit service requests or download software on the site. There is usually a cap on the number of total licensed users. The cap on licensed users varies from product to product. Please contact licensing.
  • Support Users are assigned when they register on the portal or added by the administrator. Support users CANNOT merge and retrieve license keys within the license page. Support users can see product licensing information and status.

An Administrator can add a Support User by clicking on the Members tab and “Add Member” link. The Administrator will be prompted to enter a Name, Email Address, Phone number and designate the user as an Administrator or Support User. When the form is complete the Administrator can Invite the user to join the group.

As an Administrator, to add a License User click on the Members tab and “Manage License Users” link and the Administrator will be prompted to enter the name and email address of the new License User. If a group has more than one license, this function must be performed on the My Licenses page, but you will be prompted to be transferred to that page when selecting “Manage License Users”

To remove yourself as an Administrator for the group, click on the Members tab and uncheck the box next your email address in the Administrator column.

The name of the group defaults to the Product and Date the group was created. This can later be edited by the Administrator.

An Administrator can edit the group name and description under the main tab of the My Groups page. There will be a pencil icon  that will open those two fields for editing.

An Administrator will be able to see all information related to the groups including, member’s name, email address, access level and group details. Support Users will only be able to see information on the Administrators in order to have a point of contact.