In the My Operations area, the Recent view lists your operation requests that are waiting for approval from other individuals, as well as those allowed (approved) or denied (rejected) by the approver. You can use this view to monitor the status of your requests. You also have the option to cancel any of your requests that are not yet approved or rejected.

Each operation listed in the Recent view is identified by a header area that provides basic information about the operation such as a unique ID number of the operation, when and by whom the operation was requested, and the target object of the operation. A section in the middle of the operation header contains a summary of the operation, operation status and an operation reason that was supplied when the operation was submitted for approval.

The operation summary identifies the operation type (such as Create user or Change user) and may provide information about the changes to the object properties that result from the operation. From the operation status you can tell whether the operation is waiting for approval (pending), allowed (completed), denied (rejected) or canceled. If a given operation is waiting for approval, you can remove the operation request by clicking the Cancel operation button.

The operation header contains the View operation details button allowing you to get detailed information about the operation and review the object properties that were submitted for approval or changed by the approver who allowed the operation. Clicking the Examine task button displays a page that contains a replica of the operation header and the following information sections under the operation header:

  • Properties changed during this operation 

    This section lists the object property values that were changed as a result of the operation, new values assigned to the properties, and identifies who made the changes.

  • Workflow activities and policy actions 

    This section provides detailed information about all policies and workflows that Active Roles performed when processing the operation request, including information about the approval tasks created as a result of approval workflow activities. For each approval task, you can view the status of the task along with aggregated information about the properties and configuration of the task.

    From the task status you can tell whether the task is waiting for completion (pending), completed to allow the operation or rejected to deny the operation. From the additional information about a task, you can identify, for instance, the approvers to whom the task is assigned, the due date of the task, the approver who allowed or denied the operation and what changes, if any, the approver made to the original operation request.

  • Operation details 

    This section contains additional information about the operation, including when and by whom the operation was requested, the target object of the operation, the current status of the operation, and the date and time that the record of the operation was last updated.