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Password Manager 5.13.0 - Release Notes

One Identity Password Manager 5.13.0

One Identity Password Manager 5.13.0

Release Notes

Thursday, October 5, 2023

These release notes provide information about the new features, enhancements, known or resolved issues, and other changes of One Identity Password Manager 5.13.0. This document describes the changes of both the regular and the Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) edition of the software.

For the most recent documents and product information, and for the release notes and documentation of earlier product releases, see the online Password Manager technical documentation on the One Identity Support Portal.

About One Identity Password Manager 5.13.0

About One Identity Password Manager 5.13.0

One Identity Password Manager 5.13.0 is a patch release with resolved issues.

New features

CAUTION: Password Manager does not provide feature parity between the legacy PMUser and new PMSelfService sites for self-service related activities. All new feature developments are only done for the new PMSelfService site.

Password Manager 5.13.0 contains the following new features:

  • Authenticate with Q&A Profile (User-selected questions): A new activity for authentication, Authenticate with Q&A Profile (User-selected questions) has been added. During authentication, from the available set of questions from their Q&A profile, users can select the questions they wish to answer. Administrators can configure the type and number of questions that are available to answer.

  • FIDO2 can be used for 2FA authentication: The FIDO2 authentication method can now be used as a two-factor authentication (2FA) method in Secure Token Server features. Users can pair a FIDO2 key to their profile during the first authentication with this method.

  • Custom phone number mask can be defined: Administrators can define a phone number masking rule with a regular expression, which will be applied on PMSelfService site phone numbers, where masking is required.

  • Added internal feedback option: A feedback link and label can be defined for PMAdmin, PMHelpdesk and PMSelfService sites. The feedback to One Identity on PMSelfService feature is removed and moved to PMAdmin site.

  • Admins can associate hostnames for Secure Token Server with IPv4 ranges: The IP range-based hostname resolution feature allows administrators to define specific IPv4 ranges using IP addresses and subnet masks, and associate hostnames with these ranges, when using Secure Token Server features.


This section lists enhancements implemented in One Identity Password Manager 5.13.0.

Table 1: Enhancements


Issue ID

Password Manager Secure Token Server (STS) configuration has been reworked and updated. Administrators can now configure STS settings easily and access frequently used settings quicker.


Password Manager Administrative Template Configuration tool now enables the Path to Policy Definitions target location to be redefined when needed.


The Angular version used on the PMSelfService site has been updated.


The Authenticate via Passcode activity in Authentication Methods is extended with the following option: User can generate passcode. When enabled, users are not required to have a helpdesk-issued passcode, they can request a code to their registered personal email address or phone number.


Previously, the PMAdmin and PMHelpdesk sites logged out users after 10 minutes regardless of user interactions. This issue has been fixed by using a sliding expiration for sessions to prevent unintentional logouts. Interacting with the sites extend the timer by 5 minutes.


In the Invite Users to Create/Update Profiles user enforcement rule, a new condition has been added to Notify users who meet the following condition. The administrator can specify days for the User's Q&A profile is older than the specified value setting. When the Invitation to Create/Update Profile scheduled task runs, users who have updated their Q&A profile earlier than the specified days in this setting will be notified.


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