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Identity Manager On Demand - Starling Edition Hosted - Company Policies Administration Guide

Company policies in One Identity Manager Defining company policies
Basic data for company policies Creating and editing company policies Using default company policies Deleting company policies
Checking company policies Mitigating controls for company policies General configuration parameter for company policies

Editing company policy mail templates

For more information about creating and editing mail template, see the One Identity Manager Operational Guide.

A mail template consists of general main data such as target format, importance, or mail notification confidentiality, and one or more mail definitions. Mail text is defined in several languages in the mail template. This ensures that the language of the recipient is taken into account when the email is generated.

Use of hyperlinks in the Web Portal

You can add hyperlinks to the Web Portal in the mail text of a mail definition. If the recipient clicks on the hyperlink in the email, the Web Portal opens on that web page and further actions can be carried out. In the default version, this method is implemented in policy checks.

Prerequisites for using this method
  • The QER | WebPortal | BaseURL configuration parameter is enabled and contains the URL to the API Server. You edit the configuration parameter in the Designer.

    http://<server name>/<application>


    <server name> = name of server

    <application> = path to the API Server installation directory

To add a hyperlink to the Web Portal in the mail text

  1. Click the position in the mail text of the mail definition where you want to insert a hyperlink.

  2. Open the Hyperlink context menu and enter the following information.

    • Display text: Enter a caption for the hyperlink.

    • Link to: Select the File or website option.

    • Address: Enter the address of the page in the Web Portal that you want to open.

      NOTE: One Identity Manager provides a number of default functions that you can use to create hyperlinks in the Web Portal.

  3. To accept the input, click OK.

Default functions for creating hyperlinks

Several default functions are available to help you create hyperlinks. You can use the functions directly when you add a hyperlink in the mail body of a mail definition or in processes

Direct function input

You can reference a function when you add a hyperlink in the Address field of the Hyperlink context menu.





Default function for policy checking

The VI_BuildComplianceLinks script contains a collection of default functions for composing hyperlinks for exception approval of policy violations.

Table 8: Functions of the VI_BuildComplianceLinks script




Opens the exception approval page in the Web Portal.

Creating and editing company policies

A working copy is added for every company policy. Edit the working copies to create company policies and change them. Changes to the company policy do not take effect until the working copy is enabled.

NOTE: One Identity Manager users with the Identity & Access Governance | Identity Audit | Policy supervisors application role can edit existing working copies that they are entered as being responsible for in the main data.

To create a new company policy

  1. In the Manager, select the Company Policies > Policies category.

  2. Click in the result list.

  3. Enter the company policy's main data.

  4. Save the changes.

    This adds a working copy.

  5. Select the Enable working copy task. Confirm the security prompt with OK.

    This adds an enabled company policy. The working copy is retained and can be used to make changes later.

To edit an existing company policy

  1. In the Manager, select the Company Policies > Policies category.

    1. Select a company policy in the result list.

    2. Select the Create working copy task.

      The data from the existing working copy are overwritten by the data from the original company policy after a security prompt. This opens the working copy, which you can then edit.

    - OR -

    In the Manager, select the Company policies > Policies > Working copies of policies category.

    1. Select a working copy in the result list.

    2. Select the Change main data task.

  2. Edit the working copy's main data.

  3. Save the changes.

  4. Select Enable working copy. Confirm the security prompt with OK.

    Changes to the working copy are transferred to the company policy. This can reenable a disabled company policy if prompted.

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