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Safeguard Remote Access Hosted - Release Notes

One Identity Safeguard Remote Access

One Identity Safeguard Remote Access

Release Notes

4 May 2023

These release notes provide information about the 4 May 2023 One Identity Safeguard Remote Access release. For the most recent documents and product information, see


About this release

One Identity Safeguard Remote Access (SRA) is a Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides a client-less, browser-based secure terminal access to servers via integration with the One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS) product.

SRA is a general release.

New features

New features in the 4 May 2023 release of SRA:

  • Choosing Collaborator role - On the Collaborators page, you can select the Collaborator's role when inviting them to your organization.

  • The next generation of the SSH client (SSH-ng) file system now displays the last modified date of files.

New features in previous releases of SRA:
  • Next generation SSH client (in-production version) - Improvements entail setting display preferences, native clipboard support, adaptive resolution, and web link highlighting.

  • CSV connections import - Add your connections to the SRA Connections page by importing them from a CSV file.

  • The Collaborators page supports inviting SRA users with an Administrator role as a collaborator.

  • Next generation SSH client (technology preview version) - Improvements entail setting display preferences, native clipboard support, adaptive resolution, screen-reader support, and web link highlighting.

  • Semi-managed network - Improve your network performance and latency with the semi-managed network functionality of SRA by selecting which SPS to use for initiating a connection.

  • Touch device support - One Identity Safeguard Remote Access (SRA) supports the management of remote sessions in most mobile browsers via touch devices, for example iPad or iPhone. Users can configure connections and open new session windows by touch or by using a stylus.

  • Data center selection - Select which data center you would like to access: United States (for the United States data center) or European Union (for the European Union data center).

  • Copy-paste functionality - Use the Copy to clipboard and Paste icons of the session window control panel to copy-paste text in an active remote session.
  • Cloning a connection multiple times — Use the Create another option to clone a connection multiple times

Deprecated features

The following is a list of features that are no longer supported for SRA.

  • Old SSH client deprecated - the next generation of SSH client are the used client and Terminal.
  • While downloading files in an active remote session, files are not automatically downloaded when you click on them. Instead, clicking on them selects files for download.
  • Isolated Browser preview functionality: Support for this preview functionality is discontinued, so the feature flag and the Open Isolated Browser button have been removed from the Connections page.
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