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서비스를 전달하는 One Identity의 가치는 직원들이 함께 만드는 것입니다.

모든 컨설턴트는 특수한 기술 및 경험에 따라 특정 해결 방법 내에서 서비스를 전달하는 임무를 부여받습니다. 개인이 적절한 해결 방법 및 상호 연관된 기술 내에서 전문성을 기르게 함으로써 대부분의 서비스 기관에서는 제공할 수 없는 전문성 수준을 구축할 수 있습니다.

당사의 전문 서비스 팀과 서비스 제공 파트너의 세계적 네트워크와 함께 공동으로 다음 작업을 수행할 수 있습니다.

  • 현재 환경을 평가하여 기술 및 비즈니스 요구 사항 조율
  • 명확하게 설정된 기대치에 요구 사항을 맞추어 프로젝트 계획 구축
  • 결과를 극대화하기 위해 해결 방법을 구성, 통합 및 배포
  • 지식 이전을 제공하고 완전한 가치를 위해 사용자 채택 촉진
  • Custom Services Engagement

    One Identity offers a range of on-site and remote implementation, configuration and end-user training services to help you extract the most value from your One Identity solution. Our industry experts draw on experience and knowledge gleaned from working with the solutions day in and day out to help set you for long-term success. Our services ecosystem comprised of seasoned industry experts and partners can help you:

    Assess your current environment to align your technology and business requirements Build a project plan tailored to your requirements with clearly defined expectations Successfully configure, integrate and deploy the...

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  • Expert Oversight

    Assistance when you need it.
    Avoid complicated, disruptive and costly issues when deploying your new One Identity solution. Whether you choose to deploy the solution yourself or use a partner, we can augment with Expert Oversight to help you reach your business outcomes quickly with minimal risks. Our One Identity experts will serve as an extension of your team to ensure your project is properly scoped, planned, developed, and deployed. Activities includes:Physical and solution architecture reviewProject plan review, with weekly status reviewsIterationsDurationResource allocationProduct versioning, updates, hot fixes and roadmap...

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  • Health Assessment

    Your One Identity solution is a critical component of your business. Health Assessments are recommended twice a year to mitigate risks and ensure you can keep up with changing demand and business processes in your environment. Customers who are up-to-date with their health checks gain:Performance efficiencyTuning of critical use-cases to match organizational changes and business process changesAdditional use-cases to further leverage the value of your One Identity solutionConversion of manual workflows to automated provisioningExpansion of self-service capabilities to empower and enrich end-user experienceDuring a Health Assessment, our...

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  • On-demand Architect

    Assistance when you need it.    Whether you need short-term assistance or wrestling with post implementation challenges, you can leverage a remote One Identity senior architect to assist your organization – on demand. This is a cost-efficient and flexible way to get expert assistance for your project. Our senior architects draw on experience and knowledge gleaned from working with the solutions day in and day out. Turn to them for product insights and best practices when your organization most needs it. Available for all products, you can get guidance on:          - Overcoming nearly any challenge with One Identity solutions...

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  • On-demand Consultant

    Assistance when you need it.Whether you're looking for an expert for quick turnaround projects or wrestling with configuration challenges, you can leverage a remote One Identity consultant to assist your organization on demand. This is a cost-efficient and flexible way to get quick and expert assistance for projects when you need it. Working with the solutions day in, day out, our consultants have accumulated a wealth of solution knowledge and best practices. Available for all products, leverage our consultants to help with:          - Customization and configuration challenges          - Short-notice staffing          - Application...

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  • Upgrade Assessment

    Preserve and extend your investment.Let the One Identity Services (OIS) experts help you come up with a clear upgrade plan to the latest version that's tailored to your specific environment with minimal disruption. Available for all products,  an upgrade assessment is ideal for customers who are looking to:           - Understand the full value and benefits from an upgrade           - Leverage new functionality and reliability           - Improve scalability           - Simplify and improve operations           - Mitigate risks           - Upgrade from a version that is no longer supportedThe Upgrade Assessment service offering is designed...

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