Type string READ/WRITE

If runcksum is defined, pmlocald verifies the value of this variable against the checksum of the runcommand and rejects the request if it does not match. Set this variable to the value produced by running the pmsum command on the agent with the full pathname of the runcommand.

You can use this method to detect a program that has been changed without authorization, and a program that a user is attempting to run from an unauthorized path.

# Generate a checksum value for the program "/usr/bin/passwd" on the agent:host1 
# for use in the policy file on the policy server. 
pmsum /usr/bin/passwd 

# The pmsum command displays the output: 
fbc9cf01 /usr/bin/passwd 

# Update the security policy using this checksum: 

if (( basename(runcommand) == "passwd" ) && (host == "host1"))