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TPAM Appliance 2.5.921 Release Notes
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TPAM 2.5 Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
How to create a Support Bundle in TPAM 2.5
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JRE 8 update 202 and above PSM sessions fail with error "Unable to launch the application"
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TPAM - 소프트웨어 다운로드

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현재 지원 유지 관리 계약하에 고객은 아래에서 관련 설치파일을 다운로드할 수 있습니다.

Security Product Client for Windows

출시 날짜 다운로드
TPAM 2.5.5 SPCW Client2019-08-12
TPAM 2.5.6 SPCW Client2019-08-12


출시 날짜 다운로드
TPAM Hotfix 10350v2 for Solution 262093 - Requesting Passwords Under Heavy Load could show an error2019-09-26
TPAM Hotfix 10420v4 for Solution 268531 - After updating to Java version 8u202 TPAM is requiring Java cache to be cleared before each PSM session2019-09-05
TPAM Hotfix 10484 for Solution 309490 - If using Internet Explorer v11, problems adding an account2019-09-06


출시 날짜 다운로드
TPAM 2.5.922 - Download2019-08-12
Virtual DPA 3.38 (7.9 GB)2019-08-12
Virtual DPA 4.14 (5.2 GB)2019-08-12

Application Programming Interface

출시 날짜 다운로드
TPAM 2.5.922 API - C++ and .NET API file2019-08-12
TPAM 2.5.922 API - Java 2019-08-12
TPAM 2.5.922 API - Java Doc2019-08-12
TPAM 2.5.922 API - Perl 2019-08-12