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Identity Manager Data Governance Edition 9.1 - Deployment Guide

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Install the QAM.SharePoint.Auditing.Monitor farm solution

If you install the SharePoint farm solution, you can supplement the events captured by native auditing. Install “QAM.SharePoint.Auditing.Monitor.wsp” from the agent installation folder (by default %ProgramFiles%\One Identity\One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition\Agent Services.) Consult your Microsoft documentation for information on installing a farm solution.

Note: You must enable SharePoint native auditing. The farm solution is not a replacement for native auditing, it is an enhancement.

This farm solution captures some events that are unavailable through native SharePoint auditing, specifically:

  • Adding a folder
  • Adding a library
  • Renaming a list or library
  • Creating a site

Map SharePoint events to Data Governance events

When you track resource activity using Data Governance Edition, the results appear in views, reports, and dashboards. To simplify things, SharePoint events are grouped for easier reporting. The following table outlines the events you see in your reports, and the corresponding SharePoint events.

Table 28: Mapping Data Governance events to native SharePoint events
Data Governance events Native SharePoint events


Item copied

Item added

Delete Item deleted

Item restored from Recycle Bin




Security Change

Audit mask change

Inheritance breakage

Inheritance restore

Permission level granted

Permission level revoked


Item checked in

Item moved

Item renamed

Item updated

Version deletion

Version restored

Item updated

Attachment added

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