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Identity Manager Data Governance Edition 9.1 - Technical Insight Guide

One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition Technical Insight Guide Data Governance Edition network communications Data Governance service Data Governance agents Resource activity collection in Data Governance Edition Cloud managed hosts permission level to role mapping QAM module tables Configurable configuration file settings
Data Governance service configuration file settings Data Governance agent configuration file settings
Configurable registry settings PowerShell commands
Adding the PowerShell snap-ins Finding component IDs Data Governance Edition deployment Service account management Managed domain deployment Agent deployment Managed host deployment Account access management Resource access management Governed data management Classification management

Filter accounts from Manage Access view (FilterNoisyAccounts)

Create the following registry key on the client computer where the Manager is installed to indicate whether noisy accounts (that is, accounts with indirect access granted through the BUILTIN\Administrators or BUILTIN\Users accounts), are to be filtered from the Manage Access view.

Table 91: Registry setting: FilterNoisyAccounts
Location Registry
Path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\One Identity\Broadway\Client
Value name FilterNoisyAccounts
Value type DWORD

Valid values:

  • 0: do not filter out noisy accounts
  • 1: filter out noisy accounts (default)

Global agent installation location (GlobalAgentInstallLocation)

By default, the agent will be installed in %ProgramFiles%\One Identity\One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition\Agent Services. To change this default location, create the following new string value in the registry on the Data Governance server.

Table 92: Registry setting: GlobalAgentInstallLocation
Location Registry
Path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\One Identity\Broadway\Server
Value name GlobalAgentInstallLocation
Value type REG_SZ
Value Agent installation location
Note All agents attempt to deploy the folder specified in this registry setting. If, when you deploy an individual agent, you select an alternate installation location on the Managed Hosts Settings dialog, the location specified takes precedence over the default location specified in the registry.

Manual FPolicy creation (ManualFPolicyCreation)

On the Data Governance server, create the following registry key to manually create the FPolicy for a NetApp filer. Creating this registry key prevents the automatic creation of FPolicy on the specified NetApp filer.

Table 93: Registry setting: ManualFPolicyCreation
Location Registry
Path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\One Identity\Broadway\Server
Value name ManualFPolicyCreation
Value type REG_SZ
Value Fully qualified domain name of the NetApp filer.

Ensure that the registry key has been created on the server before deploying the agent.

In addition, you must also create a new configuration file, DefaultOntapSetting.qamel, in the Data Governance server folder: %ProgramFiles%\One Identity\One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition\Server.

Resource access data points (MaxDataPoints)

Create the following registry key on the client computer where the Manager is installed to specify the maximum number of data points to be included in a Resource Access report.

Table 94: Registry setting: MaxDataPoints
Location Registry

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\One Identity\Broadway\Client\Reporting\ResourceAccessReport

NOTE: The Reporting and ResourceAccessReport subkeys do not exist by default and will need to be created.

Value name MaxDataPoints
Value type DWORD

Maximum number of data points.

Default: 10000

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