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Active Roles 7.2.1 - Management Pack Technical Description

Availability - Script

Monitoring Active Roles Web Interface > Availability - Script

This rule uses a script to check the availability of the Web Interface. The script invokes a self-diagnostic script built into the Web Interface so as to verify the Web Interface configuration, including the customization settings, and to check whether the Administration Service is available.

The rule ensures that both the default and customized Web Interface sites are monitored properly if customization is performed by using the point-and-click tools included in the Web Interface.

The rule does not check the availability of the Web Interface functions that are based on custom ASP files integrated with the Web Interface, if any. An additional, custom rule needs to be implemented in Operations Manager to monitor such functions.

By default, this rule is scheduled to run every 30 minutes. The schedule can be adjusted by managing rule properties in the Operations Manager console.

Availability - Alert

This rule generates an alert when the Availability script detects that the Web Interface is unavailable.

  • Possible causes of the alert include:
  • Web Interface is not running
  • Web Interface is not configured properly
  • Administration Service is unavailable

Monitoring performance

Monitoring performance

This section provides information on the processing rules based on performance counters that allow you to evaluate performance of the Administration Service:

AD changes processed/sec

Monitoring performance > AD changes processed/sec

This rule collects AD changes processed/sec counter samples for the AR Server:External Changes performance object. A sample of the counter is the number of changes received from Active Directory and processed by the Active Roles Administration Service per second.

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