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Active Roles 7.2 - Azure Active Directory and Office 365 Administrator Guide

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Update Office 365 licenses display names

Managing Hybrid AD Users > Office 365 license management > Assign Office 365 licenses to new hybrid users

To update the names of the licenses displayed on Azure properties -> Licenses page of a hybrid user

  1. On the system running the Active roles Service, go to ..\One Identity\Active Roles\7.2\Service\AzureLicenses.xml..
  2. 2. Open the xml file and edit the required SKU with the new license display name.

NOTE: If the xml file with Azure licenses is not available or is not well formed, then the default SKUs as derived from Azure Graph APIs are displayed on the Azure properties -> Licenses page for the Azure AD user.

    The updated licenses display names can be viewed on the User Azure Properties->Licenses wizard.

Managing Office 365 Contacts

Managing Office 365 Contacts

The Active Roles web interface enables you to perform administrative tasks such as create, read, update, and delete Office 365 contacts in Hybrid environment. You can also perform other operations such as add and remove Office 365 contacts to Groups.


Office 365 contact management tasks using UI

Managing Office 365 Contacts > Office 365 contact management tasks using Web interface

Office 365 contact management tasks using Web interface

Active Roles web interface enables you to perform the following management tasks for Office 365 contacts:


Create a new Office 365 contact

You can use the Active Roles Web Interface to create and enable a new Office 365 contact. .

To create a new Office 365 contact

  1. On the Active Roles Web interface Navigation bar, click Directory Management.
  2. On the Views tab in the Browse pane, click Active Directory.

    The list of Active Directory domains is displayed.

  1. Click the domain in which you need to create a new contact.
  2. In the list of objects displayed, click the required Container or the Organizational Unit.
  3. In the Command pane, click New Contact.
  4. In the New Conatct in <OU name> ->General wizard, enter the contact details such as First Name, Last Name, Initials, and Display name.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In the Create Azure Account properties wizard, select Create Azure Contact option.
  7. In the External e-mail address field, enter the email address for the contact, and click Finish.

    The Office 365 account details for the new contact are generated automatically and populated in the respective fields.


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