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Active Roles 7.2 - Whats New

Support for Exchange Online

Key new features > Support for Exchange Online

Active Roles 7.2 supports identity management for Exchange Online:

  • Setting Exchange Online properties
  • Delegation of Mailbox (Send as)
  • Enable/Disable Mailbox Features (For example, POP3, IMAP, Archiving)
  • Mailbox Settings (Message size restriction)
  • Manage permissions for recipients "Send As" and "Send on Behalf"

  • Support for "Email Addresses" all the email addresses (proxy addresses) for the recipient, including the primary SMTP address.
  • Message Size Restrictions

  • Delivery Options
  • Enable or disable POP3, IMAP, MAPI, Outlook Web App or Exchange ActiveSync for a mailbox in Office 365

Support for Skype for Business

Key new features > Support for Skype for Business

Active Roles 7.2 supports identity management for Skype for Business for all the operations that were performed using earlier versions of Lync Server.

Active Roles Inplace Upgrade Improvements

Key new features > Active Roles Inplace Upgrade Improvements

Active Roles In-place upgrade improvements


Active Roles 7.2 offers the following in-place upgrade enhancements:

  • The in-place upgrade of Active Roles 7.2 upgrades the Active Roles 7.2 Administration service and Web interface components.

Enhancements to Azure Active Directory and Office 365 functionality

Key new features > Enhancements to Azure Active Directory and Office 365 functionality

Enhancements to Azure AD and Office 365 functionality

Active Roles 7.2 provides the following enhancements for Enhancements to Azure Active Directory and Office 365 functionality:

  • Azure License Reporting - Azure Licenses Report displays the Office 365 licenses that are available and assigned to a user.
  • Visual indicator for Azure configuration status - Azure Health Check page informs you about the Active Roles to Azure AD connectivity status, and the Active Roles Azure AD tenant and application heath status.
  • Granular license customization - License management can be performed through provisioning policy. For Example I want to assign Exchange Online license to all the newly created users automatically so that when a new user is created a mailbox should be provisioned for him Also users will be able to set particular licenses to particular users based of user’s attributes For Example: If the designation is Manager then assign a particular license
  • Support for synchronized identity environments - In an environment where Azure AD Connect is used to sync the on-premise AD objects with Azure AD domain without federating the on-premise domain in Azure, Active Roles enables the synchronization of all the on-premise objects to Azure through Azure AD Connect and no modification to the objects is allowed in Azure directly.
  • Azure Application permissions enhancements - When an Azure AD application is registered, the administrator defines the permission scope for the application. By default, minimal permissions are assigned to every application.
  • Support for creating users, groups, and contacts in Azure/Office 365 through SPML
  • New Access Template for Azure Configuration Administrator and Azure Health Status Check:

    • Azure Config Admin access template allows the user to perform only Azure Configuration from WI

    • Health Check Access Template will allows a user to check Azure Configuration status and License Reports

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