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Active Roles 7.3.1 - Whats New


Active Roles (formerly known as ActiveRoles®) simplifies and streamlines creation and ongoing management of user accounts, groups, and contacts in Windows Active Directory (AD) and Azure Active Directory environments.

Active roles automates:

  • Creating user, groups, and contacts in Active Directory and Azure AD
  • Creating mailboxes on Exchange Server and assigning licenses in Office 365
  • Managing on-premise Exchange and Exchange Online properties

It provides strictly enforced security, rich capabilities for automating directory management tasks, change approval and easy-to-use Web interfaces, to achieve practical user and group account management for the Windows enterprise.

Active Roles also facilitates administration and provisioning for Active Directory, Exchange, and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) in a hybrid environment.

Active Roles supports connecting to One Identity Starling and accessing Starling Services such as Two-factor Authentication and Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence.

Key new features

The new release of Active Roles extends and enhances the capabilities of the product to connect to One Identity Starling and benefit from Starling Services such as Two-factor Authentication and Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence.

Active Roles version 7.3 includes the following features:

  • Support for One Identity Hybrid Subscription
  • Support for Hybrid Directory Mailbox Management
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017

  • Support for connecting to One Identity Starling, the Software as a Service (SaaS) solution of One Identity through Active Roles
  • Integration of Starling Two-factor Authentication with Active Roles through the Web interface

  • Support for customizing Microsoft Office 365 license related operations on User provisioning and deprovisioning

  • Enhancements

    • Display the number of members in a Group in the Web interface

    • SPML Extension Enhancement to Modify Shared Mailbox User permissions.

    • Back Sync Improvements

    • Password generation policy enhancement
    • Sync Service enhancements

    • Web interface security enhancements
    • Enhanced Web interface accessibility for disabled users.




One Identity Hybrid Subscription

The newest versions of One Identity's on-premises products offer a mandatory One Identity Hybrid Subscription, which helps you transition to a hybrid environment on your way to the cloud. The subscription enables you to join Active Roles with the One Identity Starling software-as-a-service platform. This gives your organization immediate access to a number of cloud-delivered features and services, which expand the capabilities of Active Roles. When new products and features become available to One Identity Starling, the One Identity Hybrid Subscription allows you to use these immediately for Active Roles to add value to your subscription.

Hybrid Directory Mailbox Management

For an existing Office 365 user, you can use the Active Roles Web Interface to view or modify the Exchange Online properties. The Active Roles Version 7.3 enables you to:

  • View or set the message size restrictions and message delivery options for an Office 365 user.
  • View or modify the MailBox Delegation settings. You can specify the list of users or groups who can:
    • Send emails from Office 365 user’s mailbox.
    • Be provided full access to the user’s mailbox.
  • View or modify email address settings. You can add the forwarding address or set an alternate recipient for an Office 365 user.
  • View or modify the MailBox features.
  • View or modify the messaging records management settings that enable litigation hold.
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