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Active Roles 7.4.1 - Quick Start Guide

Introduction Active Roles Setup package Active Roles uninstallation System Requirements Deploying the Administration Service Deploying user interfaces Installing additional components Upgrade of an earlier version Performing a pilot deployment Deployment considerations Silent installation of Active Roles components Configuring Active Roles to Manage Hybrid Active Directory Objects Active Roles on Windows Azure VM

Step 4. Deploy Active Roles Web Interface

Step 4. Deploy Active Roles Web Interface

Perform the following tasks to deploy the Active Roles Web Interface:

  1. Create a virtual machine based on a Windows Server 2012 image published in Windows Azure.

    When creating the virtual machine, on the Virtual machine configuration page, select the Cloud Service that you created for the SQL Server virtual machine in Step 2. Deploy Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This will automatically select the correct Virtual Network as this Cloud Service is already used to host the Active Roles Administration Service and SQL Server virtual machines. For further information, see Add a Virtual Machine to a Virtual Network, section “Create Virtual Machine and Deploy to Virtual Network.”

  1. Join the newly created virtual machine to your Active Directory domain.
  2. Connect to the virtual machine using Remote Desktop, and run the Active Roles Setup wizard to install the Active Roles Web Interface (see Steps to deploy the Web Interface earlier in this document).

    When prompted, choose the option to connect to the Administration Service on the specified computer, and specify the fully qualified domain name of the virtual machine you deployed in Step 3. Deploy Active Roles Administration Service.


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