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Active Roles 8.1.1 - Release Notes

Active Roles 8.1.1

Active Roles 8.1.1

Release Notes

06 March 2023, 17:04

These release notes provide information about the Active Roles 8.1.1 release. For the most recent documents and product information, see Active Roles Technical Documents on the One Identity support portal.


About this release

Active Roles 8.1.1 is minor release with new features and functionality. See New features and Enhancements.

New features

Cloud-only dynamic distribution groups: Active Roles 8.1.1 introduces support for cloud-only dynamic distribution groups, allowing you to create, view, modify or delete Exchange Online dynamic distribution groups via the Active Roles Web Interface.

For more information about how to create, modify or delete distribution groups, see Managing cloud-only dynamic distribution groups in the Active Roles Administration Guide.

For more information about distribution groups, see Manage dynamic distribution groups in Exchange Online in the Microsoft Exchange Online documentation.

See also:


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Active Roles 8.1.1.

Table 1: Active Roles Configuration Center enhancements
Enhancement Issue ID
The previously mandatory, now optional check to install Azure-specific prerequisites has been moved from the Active Roles installer to the Active Roles Configuration Center. 309857
Table 2: Active Roles Console enhancements
Enhancement Issue ID

Managed Units (MUs) now support configuring membership rules for the following Azure AD resources in the Active Roles Console:

  • Azure users

  • Azure guest users

  • Azure contacts

  • Microsoft 365 (M365) groups

  • Azure distribution groups

  • Azure security groups

NOTE: Consider the following limitations when planning to add Azure resources to MUs:

  • You can add Azure contacts and Azure distribution groups to MUs only with the Include Explicitly membership rule.

  • You cannot add any Azure mailbox types and dynamic distribution groups to MUs.

  • Apart from adding or removing Azure resources to or from MUs, you cannot modify Azure resources in the Active Roles Console. To create, modify or delete Azure resources in your organization, use the available features of the Active Roles Web Interface.

For more information on the current limitations of querying Azure AD objects in MUs, see Creating Managed Units in the Active Roles Administration Guide.

For examples on using MUs and Access Templates (ATs) together to configure granular access to Azure AD resources, see Using rule-based and role-based tools for granular administration in the Active Roles Administration Guide.

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