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Defender 6.2 - Release Notes

Release Notes

One Identity Defender 6.2

Release Notes

24 January 2022, 08:00

These release notes provide information about the One Identity Defender release.


About Defender

About One Identity Defender 6.2

Defender enhances security by using two-factor authentication to authenticate the users who request access to valuable resources within your organization. Defender uses your current identity store within Microsoft® Active Directory® to enable two-factor authentication, taking advantage of its inherent scalability and security, and eliminating the costs and time involved to set up and maintain proprietary databases. Defender’s Web-based administration and user self-service ease the implementation of two-factor authentication for both administrators and users.

Defender 6.2 is a minor release.

See New features.

New features

New feature in Defender 6.2

  • Improved authentication UX for push notification: Enabling a seamless authentication experience for all clients (DDL, ISAPI, EAP), the authentication via push notification now happens automatically on Android and iOS devices. The user does not need to enter the 'push' keyword at the client login screen.

Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in 6.2 release.

Table 1: Defender Desktop Login resolved issues

Resolved Issue


Issue ID

DDL users when logging in with RDP, get "The password stored by Defender is no longer valid" error if the password is already saved


Table 2: Defender Management Portal resolved issues
Resolved Issue Issue ID

In certain configurations, Defender Management portal may unintentionally expose a privileged credential to an authenticated administrator


Defender admins face a considerable delay in programming a soft token in the larger environment


Users are unable to program Soft Token for Android from the management portal on Defender


Table 3: Defender Security Server resolved issues
Resolved Issue Issue ID

As an end user when the authentication retry is triggered, the ''Invalid Windows password Enter a valid windows password'' error is intermittently seen


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