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Identity Manager Data Governance Edition 8.2 - Release Notes

One Identity Data Governance Edition 8.2

One Identity Data Governance Edition 8.2

Release Notes

02 December 2021, 07:37

These release notes provide information about the One Identity Data Governance Edition 8.2 release.

For the most recent documents and product information, see the One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition documentation.


About this release

One Identity Manager Data Governance Edition enables security administrators and business owners to manage user access to unstructured data on files/folders/shares for Windows Server, NAS devices and SharePoint. It leverages the One Identity Manager platform for providing integrated self-service request portal, segregation of duties policies, attestation and re-certification workflows.

Using Data Governance Edition, IT Administrators are provided with management capabilities that enable them to see who is using data in the organization and how access should be modified to best fit the business. Specifically, they can:

  • Examine a file system, SharePoint farm or other supported platforms to see what users and groups have access to it, and modify the access if required.
  • Examine a user or group to ensure they have the correct data access.
  • Investigate access for a user in a particular role within your organization to help grant the same access to a new hire.
  • Evaluate a group’s access before deleting it.
  • Compare account access and simulate the addition and removal of users or groups from groups.
  • Calculate perceived owners to identify potential business owners for data within your environment.
  • Place data under governance and leverage the self-service requests, attestations, policies, and reports that help you to ensure your data is in compliance.

Through workflows that cross both the Manager and the Web Portal, users can:

  • Manage access to and governance of Windows Server, NAS devices, SharePoint resources, and certain Cloud resources.
  • Perform access modeling to compare user accounts/groups to identify the impact of adding/removing users to/from groups and identify why employees in the same department have different access rights.
  • View how access was achieved, who requested it, who approved or denied it. This information is useful to verify during the attestation process.
  • Define access policies including Separation of Duties to assist in fulfilling security and compliance requirements around data protection.
  • Manage access as a business owner, an administrator or a security officer through dashboards and views.
  • Review user and resource activity to identify patterns of usage, spot atypical behavior, and determine business owners to ensure that users have only the access to what they absolutely need, and nothing more.

  • Use an access request workflow which allows business owners to grant or deny resource access and recommend a group for fulfillment from the list of best fit groups suggested by the system – thereby improving efficiency and reducing IT burden.
  • Identify data without owners, suggest potential business owners, and allow compliance teams to schedule a process for business owners to verify and attest to employee access as well as enable the immediate remediation.
  • Access pre-defined reports to help you identify, summarize, and analyze resource and account access and activity throughout your organization.

Data Governance Edition 8.2 is a minor release that provides compatibility with One Identity Manager 8.2.

For a full list of target systems that can be scanned, see Supported target systems

New features

New features in Data Governance Edition 8.2:

  • Support to install and configure Data Governance agent for managing NetApp CIFS and NFS devices for NetApp ONTAP version 9.8.

  • Support to install and configure Database Server and Resource Activity database server using Azure SQL Managed Instance.

See also:


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Data Governance Edition 8.2.

Table 1: General enhancements
Enhancement Issue ID

Ability to specify and load a single Windows Server computer from Active Directory in the Managed host view in the Manager application for deploying an agent for managing only cloud hosts.


Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

This release contains all resolved issues since the general release of One Identity Data Governance Edition 8.2.

Table 2: Resolved issues
Resolved issue Issue ID

Unable to create a new file system share because of FROZEN jobs in the Job Queue


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