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One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions 6.9.3 - Safeguard Desktop Player User Guide

Summary of changes Features and limitations First steps Validate audit trails Replay audit trails Replay encrypted audit trails Replay encrypted audit trails from the command line Replay audit files in follow mode Search in the content of the current audit file Search query examples Export the audit trail as video Sharing an encrypted audit trail Replay X11 sessions Export transferred files from SCP, SFTP, HTTP, and RDP audit trails Export raw network traffic in PCAP format Export screen content text Troubleshooting the Safeguard Desktop Player Install Safeguard Desktop Player Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

You can use the following hotkeys to control the replay.

  • Play/Pause: SPACE

  • Jump to previous event: p

  • Jump to next event: n

  • Enable video scaling (Scale video): Ctrl+Z

  • Toggle fullscreen replay: f

  • Decrease replay speed: [

  • Increase replay speed: ]

  • Reset replay speed :=

  • Jump backward, short, medium, long: Shift + Left Arrow,Alt + Left Arrow,Ctrl + Left Arrow

  • Jump forward, short, medium, long: Shift + Right Arrow,Alt + Right Arrow,Ctrl + Right Arrow

  • Search in trail content: Ctrl + F

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