SPS can only use fixed disk space assigned to the virtual host. If you must increase the size of the virtual disk, complete the following steps. Online disk resize can grow the filesystem up to 1024x size of the original size.

NOTE: When setting up a virtual environment, carefully consider the configuration aspects such as CPU, memory availability, I/O subsystem, and network infrastructure to ensure the virtual layer has the necessary resources available. Please consult One Identity's Product Support Policies for more information on environment virtualization.


You can resize te disk that way only if you originally installed SPS version 5 LTS or later. This method will not work if you upgraded to 5 LTS from an earlier version.

To modify the disk size of a SPS virtual appliance

  1. Hazard of data loss Modifying the disk size is a risky operation. Create a full system backup (configuration and data backup) to avoid data loss. For detailed instructions, see "Data and configuration backups" in the Administration Guide.

  2. Power down the virtual machine.

  3. Increase the storage size.

  4. Power on the SPS virtual machine.

  5. Login to SPS as root locally (or remotely using SSH) to access the Console menu.

  6. Select Troubleshooting > Extend core partition.

    Select Yes and the core firmware is resized on the next reboot.

    NOTE: Depending on the size of your disk, this process can take a long time to complete.