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Password Manager 5.11 - Release Notes

One Identity Password Manager 5.11.0

One Identity Password Manager 5.11.0

Release Notes

Thursday, October 13, 2022

These release notes provide information about the new features, enhancements, known or resolved issues, and other changes of One Identity Password Manager 5.11.0. This document describes the changes of both the regular and the Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) edition of the software.

For the most recent documents and product information, and for the release notes and documentation of earlier product releases, see the online Password Manager technical documentation on the One Identity Support Portal.

About One Identity Password Manager 5.11.0

About One Identity Password Manager 5.11.0

One Identity Password Manager 5.11.0 is a minor release, containing new features and resolved issues.

New features

CAUTION: Password Manager does not provide feature parity in between the legacy PMUser and new PMSelfService sites for self-service related activities. All new feature developments are only done for the new PMSelfService site.

Password Manager 5.11.0 contains the following new features:

  • Help link URL can now be customized:

    • To customize the help link URL on the PMSelfService site, you need to open Password Manager installation folder\Web\SelfService\Scripts\libs\assets\config\config.json, and modify the helpLink property.

    • To customize the help link URL on other sites, you need to open Password Manager installation folder\Web\Admin, User or Hepldesk\App_Data\sitemenu.xml, and modify the SiteMenu.Help.Link items' URL attribute.

  • Offline documentation and help sites have been removed.

    • Help sites are removed completely from the installation, therefore one vulnerability is no longer present. Help links are pointing to the online support pages by default, but are customizable.

    • The .PDF files are replaced with .URL files, pointing to the corresponding document of the actual version on One Identity support page: Password Manager Technical Documentation.

    • Non-English user guides have been removed.

    • Adobe Reader has been removed from the redistributables.

    • Context help links on the admin site have been improved, missing content has been added and their source of content has been changed.

    • The installation folder got a new folder Documentation which contains the .URL files from the CD.

  • On the admin site there is a new Management menu.

    Unregister users have been moved here from General Settings.

  • In the new Management menu there is a new feature Bulk Password Reset. Similar to the Unregister users functionality, an organizational unit, a group of users and individual users can be selected as a scope for the Bulk Password Reset operation. It is achieved by setting the selected users' Users must change password at next logon flag to true.

    NOTE: This flag cannot be set to true, while Password never expires is true.


The following is a list of enhancements implemented in One Identity Password Manager 5.11.0.

Table 1: Enhancements


Issue ID

Starling features have been removed from Password Manager.


Authenticate with external provider activity has been added as a selectable authentication method to Authentication Methods activity.


With the removal of Starling, the following features were substituted:

  • Generate passcode in Assign passcode helpdesk activity. Instead of Starling, the admin can select to send the passcode in email and/or SMS.

  • Generate password in Reset password in Active Directory. Instead of Starling, the admin can select to send the password in email and/or SMS.

  • Instead of login with Starling on the admin and helpdesk sites, Secure Token Server is used to provide optional 2FA login for these sites.

  • Different login providers can be used for the admin and helpdesk sites if needed.


Login with Starling has been removed as Starling is phased out as of 1 November 2022. Instead, there is a 2FA Enforcement item in the Management menu.

Logins are handled by Secure Token Server instead of Starling, therefore it is required to have at least one provider configured in General Settings > Secure Token Server.


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