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Password Manager 5.9.7 - How-to Guide

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  • Reduced administrative overhead (less items to update – i.e. email templates)
  • Reduced size of the file which contains all Q&A profile settings, including all associated Questions, Email templates and additional language additions


  • Cannot provide different requirements for exception users/groups (i.e. separate requirements for service accounts)

When to use separate workflows

  • Different Q & A profile requirements for different groups of users (i.e. one for Users, one for Admins)
  • Different email notification requirements (languages, logos, different text)
  • Different Helpdesk Scope requirements
    • i.e. Helpdesk “Group A” can only reset passwords for normal users while Helpdesk “Group B” can reset passwords for administrators


  • Ability to provide different requirements for different subsets of users
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