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Safeguard Authentication Services 5.1 - ARS IP Release Notes

One Identity Authentication Services Active Roles Integration Pack

One Identity Authentication Services Active Roles Integration Pack

Release Notes

01 December 2022, 08:53

These release notes provide information about the Safeguard Authentication Services Active Roles Integration Pack release. For the most recent documents and product information, see Safeguard Authentication Services - Technical Documentation.

About this release

Follows is a description of Active Roles and specifics about this release.

Active Roles

Active Roles Server offers a practical approach to automated user provisioning and administration, for maximum security and efficiency. It provides total control of user provisioning and administration for Active Directory.

One Identity Authentication Services extends the capabilities of Unix, Linux and Mac systems to seamlessly and transparently join Active Directory and integrate Unix identities with Active Directory Windows accounts.

Through the Authentication Services ARS Integration Pack, ActiveRoles Server extends management control to Unix and Linux identities such as Unix-enabled users and groups. Query-based management views show all of the identities, business rules ensure and enforce appropriate administrative practices, permission templates make it easy to delegate identity management.

Release scope

This release has resolved issues and no new features.

Resolved issues

The following issues were resolved in version

Table 1: Resolved issues in version
Resolved Issues Issue ID

Added support for Active Roles version 8.0 and higher

Now the Primary Group can be removed in Unix User.

When the Unix User Primary Group was removed, an error occurred, because the user must be in a Primary Group. After the fix it will set the default Unix Group ID according to the SAS user creation.


System requirements

The Safeguard Authentication Services Active Roles Integration Pack release works with:

  • Safeguard Authentication Services 4.2.5 and later

    The Authentication Services Control Center must be installed.

  • Active Roles 7.1 and later

For details on either product, see the following technical documentation:

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