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Safeguard Authentication Services 6.0 LTS - ARS IP Administration Guide

Repairing Integration Scripts

If you modify an Safeguard Authentication Services ActiveRoles Integration script and it becomes corrupt, causing errors when it is run, you can repair it.

To repair integration scripts

  1. Open the command line.

  2. Run the following command:

    "C:\Program Files\Quest Software \Safeguard Authentication Services Integration 2.6.x\SetupUi.exe” -force

Delegated User Unable to Modify Unix Attributes

To be able to manage UNIX users within his delegated domain, you must assign a delegated user read permissions to the Application Configuration.

Problem: Even though a user or group has a UNIX Account tab, when you select the tab, the UNIX attributes do not display. Instead you see a message that says, "The Configuration Setting for Safeguard Authentication Services could not be found in Active Directory" even though there is a configuration in the forest. At times, a user is delegated permission to manage UNIX attributes for users and/or groups within an Organizational Unit but that user does not have read access to other containers in the domain.

Solution: You must delegate permission to the user by means of ActiveRoles Server so they can list and read the Safeguard Authentication Services Application Configuration. For more information about the Safeguard Authentication Services Application Configuration, see Configure Active Directory for Safeguard Authentication Services in the Safeguard Authentication Services Installation Guide.

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