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Safeguard Remote Access Hosted - Release Notes

Resolved issues

The following is a list of issues addressed in this release.

Table 2: General resolved issues
Resolved Issue Issue ID

By default, when a new connection policy is created in SPS for RDP and/or SSH connections, an Administrator (or root) connection tile appears for that connection policy on the SRA Connections page. If a user with Administrator rights deemed this Administrator (or root) connection tile unnecessary and deleted it from its group of connection tiles, and shortly after that there was a successful commit to that connection policy in SPS, the deleted connection tile reappeared in SRA.

The issue has been fixed, and now, the Administrator (or root) connection tile does not appear again.

NOTE: To restore the deleted Administrator (or root) connection tiles, see Restoring deleted Administrator (or root) connection tiles in the Safeguard Remote Access Hosted - Administration Guide.


When multiple RDP and/or SSH session windows are opened in the browser, after a brief period of time, the sessions stops working. The issue has been fixed, and from SPS 6.12 and onward, sessions will work appropriately.


In some cases, when the Heimdall API was unavailable, the session window entered an infinite reload-loop. The issue has been fixed, and now, if the Heimdall API is unavailable, the page does not reload continuously, and the following error message is displayed: "An unexpected error occured. You may need to refresh your page (press F5)."


The User Preferences page did not display information properly when resized to fit mobile screen width. The issue has been fixed, and now, when resizing the screen, the buttons are placed correctly.


System requirements

Before using the 12 August 2022 SRA release, ensure that your system meets the following minimum software requirements.

Browser requirements

Table 3: Supported desktop browsers
Browser Minimum OS/Platform


Google Chrome

Windows 10

Mac OS X Yosemite


Table 4: Supported mobile browsers
Browser Minimum OS/Platform


Google Chrome



(Optional) Feature requirements

Table 5: (Optional) Feature requirements


Work accounts

To authenticate using a work account, you need the following:

  • Fully configured Azure AD tenant capable of authenticating user.

  • If an organization has registered an Azure AD tenant but it is not fully synchronized or an account has not yet been added, the owner of that account will be unable to use One Identity Starling at that time, unless they register independently from the organization.

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