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syslog-ng Premium Edition 7.0.30 - Windows Event Collector Administration Guide

Checking data stored in Redis

You can use the following commands to check your data stored in Redis.

NOTE: The following commands must be run from the CLI tool within Redis.

  • Listing subscription IDs for an event source (or host):> HKEYS win1
    1) "FE14EC9A-A667-5375-B0B5-C4C4A9A6F745"

    The command lists the available subscriptions (in this case, FE14EC9A-A667-5375-B0B5-C4C4A9A6F745 is the only one available) for the event source or host (in this case, win1).

  • Getting bookmarks for a subscription ID:> HGET win1 FE14EC9A-A667-5375-B0B5-C4C4A9A6F745
    "<BookmarkList><Bookmark Channel=\"Application\" RecordId=\"11098\" IsCurrent=\"true\"/></BookmarkList>"

    The command lists the bookmark value (RecordId=\"11098\") from the FE14EC9A-A667-5375-B0B5-C4C4A9A6F745 subscription ID within the win1 event source.

Timers on the WEC side

This section describes the predefined timers on the Windows Event Collector (WEC) side, and how they affect the interactions of syslog-ng PE and Redis during WEC clustering.

NOTE: The timers described in this section are not user-configurable in version 7.0.23 of syslog-ng PE.

In version 7.0.23 of syslog-ng PE, the following predefined timers are used during WEC clustering:



healthCheckInterval (periodical PING): 1 second

When Redis is disconnected, the WEC instance is trying to PING Redis periodically. The period length is 1 second.

connectTimeout: 10 seconds

Connect operation fails when a connection to Redis cannot be established within 10 seconds.

readTimeout: 5 seconds

Redis is disconnected when a read operation cannot be finished within 5 seconds.

writeTimeout: 5 seconds

Redis is disconnected when a write operation cannot be finished within 5 seconds.

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