SSB can only use fixed disk space assigned to the virtual host. If you must increase the size of the virtual disk, complete the following steps.


The following prerequisites are essential for the resize procedure to work:

  • The machine that SSB is running on has to be a virtual machine. This procedure will not work on a physical machine.

  • The version running on the virtual machine must be a newly installed SSB version 4.9 or later. This procedure will not work in case of an SSB that was upgraded from an earlier version.

  • No software RAID.

To increase the size of the virtual disk

  1. To ensure that no data is lost in case of an error, create a full system backup (configuration and data backup). For detailed instructions, see Data and configuration backups.

  2. Power down the virtual machine.

  3. Increase the storage size.

  4. Restart SSB.

    If you have encountered any errors, contact our Support Team.