The syslog-ng Store Box (SSB) web interface can be accessed only using TLS encryption and strong cipher algorithms. The browser must support HTTPS connections, JavaScript, and cookies. Make sure that both JavaScript and cookies are enabled.

NOTE: SSB displays a warning message if your browser is not supported or JavaScript is disabled.

If you have successfully accessed the SSB web interface using HTTPS at least once, your browser will remember this, and on any subsequent occasions, it will force you to access SSB using HTTPS, even if you try loading it through an HTTP connection. This is thanks to the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) policy, which enables web servers to enforce web browsers to restrict communication with the server over an encrypted SSL/TLS connection for a set period. Web servers declare the HSTS policy using a special Strict-Transport-Security response header field.

This might, however, cause issues in any of the following cases:

  • When the SSL certificate of SSB's web interface has expired. In this case, any attempt to access the web interface using a secure connection will fail with an error message.

  • When you switch the trusted CA-signed certificate to a self-signed certificate for SSB's web interface. As per HSTS design, a self-signed certificate is not taken to have been issued by a trusted CA, therefore any secure connections to the SSB web interface will fail with an error message.

The resolution to the above-mentioned issues is to:

  • Remove the HSTS settings in your browser. This must be done locally, in a browser-specific way. For detailed instructions, consult the support site of the browser you are using.


  • Upload a new certificate, using a different browser on a different machine. For detailed instructions on how to upload external certificates to SSB, see "Uploading external certificates to SSB" in the Administration Guide.

Supported browsers:

Mozilla Firefox 52 ESR

We also test SSB on the following, unsupported browsers. The features of SSB are available and usable on these browsers as well, but the look and feel might be different from the supported browsers. Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, and the currently available version of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.