The following describes how to install SSB with high availability support.

To install SSB with high availability support

  1. For the first SSB unit, complete Installing the SSB hardware.

  2. For the second SSB unit, complete Steps 1-3 of Installing the SSB hardware.

  3. Connect the two units with an Ethernet cable via the Ethernet connectors labeled as 4.

  4. Power on the second unit.

  5. Change the BIOS and IPMI passwords on the second unit. The default password is ADMIN or changeme, depending on your hardware.

  6. Connect to the SSB web interface of the first unit from a client machine and enable high availability mode. Navigate to Basic Settings > High Availability . Click Convert to Cluster, then reload the page in your browser.

  7. Click Reboot Cluster.

  8. Wait until the slave unit synchronizes its disk to the master unit. Depending on the size of the hard disks, this may take several hours. You can increase the speed of the synchronization via the SSB web interface at Basic Settings > High Availability > DRBD sync rate limit.