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Identity Manager 9.0 LTS - Administration Guide for Connecting to HCL Domino

Managing HCL Domino environments Synchronizing a Domino environment
Setting up initial synchronization of a Domino environment Domino server configuration Setting up a gateway server Creating a synchronization project for initial synchronization of a Notes domain Adjusting the synchronization configuration for Domino environments Running synchronization Tasks following synchronization Troubleshooting Ignoring data error in synchronization Pausing handling of target system specific processes (Offline mode)
Managing Notes user accounts and employees Managing memberships in Notes groups Login information for Notes user accounts Using AdminP requests for handling Domino processes Mapping of Notes objects in One Identity Manager
Notes domains Notes user accounts Notes groups Notes certificates Notes templates Notes policies Notes mail-in databases Notes server Reports about Notes objects
Handling of Notes objects in the Web Portal Basic data for managing a Domino environment Configuration parameters for managing a Domino environment Default project template for Domino Processing methods of Domino system objects Domino connector settings

Deleting Notes mail-in databases

Mail-in databases are deleted permanently from the One Identity Manager database and from the Domino address book.

To delete a mail-in database

  1. In the Manager, select the HCL Domino > Mail-in databases category.

  2. Select a mail-in database in the result list.

  3. Click .

  4. Confirm the security prompt with Yes.

Notes server

You use One Identity Manager to manage servers in Domino. These are mapped in the One Identity Manager database as Notes servers. All servers known to the Domino Directory are mapped.

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Editing main data of Notes servers

To edit the main data of a Notes server

  1. In the Manager, select the HCL Domino > Notes servers category.

  2. Select the server in the result list.

  3. Select the Change main data task.

  4. Enter the required data on the main data form.

  5. Save the changes.
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General main data for Notes servers

Enter the following general main data of Notes servers.

Table 42: General main data of a Notes server



Notes server

Hierarchical name of the server in the Domino directory.


Additional name of the server. You can enter more than one value.

Notes domain

Notes domain to which the server belongs.


Notes build version of the server.

User ID file path

Path of the gateway server used for creating new user ID files. For more information, see Creating and saving user ID files.

Has Notes mailbox file

Specifies whether mailbox files are managed on the server. This server is available for selection as mail servers when users are set up.

Mailbox file path

Mailbox file repository path relative to the data directory. This data is only required if the Has Notes mailbox files option is enabled.

Server document

Specifies whether the Notes server only corresponds to a server document in the Domino Directory and does not exist physically.

Cluster name

Name of the cluster if the server belongs to a cluster.

DNS server name

Full name of the server.

Load internet configuration

Specifies whether the internet protocol configuration is loaded from the internet site documents in the Domino directory. If this option is not set, the information is taken from the server document.

Starts SMTP service automatically

Specifies whether the SMTP service is started automatically when the server is started.

Operating system

Name of the operating system installed.

Formula processing time

The maximum time, in seconds, that a formula can run.

Is vault server

Specifies whether this server is used as an ID vault server.

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