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Identity Manager 9.0 LTS - Database Systems Integration Module Release Notes

Schema changes

The following provides an overview of schema changes from One Identity Manager version 8.0.3 up to version 9.0 included in DSI Module.

  • New column UNSAccountB. HostName as host name of the host where the mysql user account has access.

  • New column UNSAccountB.AccountType as the type of MSSQL /SAP user.

Changes to system connectors

The following section provides an overview of the modified synchronization templates and an overview of all patches provided by Database Systems Integration module for One Identity Manager version 8.0.3 to version 9.0. Apply the provided patches to existing synchronization projects. For more information on applying patches see, Applying patches to synchronization projects topic in the latest One Identity Manager Release Notes.

Configuration file changes in Database Systems Integration module

The configuration files mentioned here must be updated to reflect the latest changes.

  • MSSQL Database Level configuration file

  • MSSql Server Level configuration file

  • SAPSql configuration file

Applying changes to the configuration file

  1. Open the Synchronization Editor and open an existing synchronization project.
  2. Navigate to the required Target System in the left pane.
  3. Click Edit Connection.

    The target system connection wizard is displayed.

  1. Click Next till the Load configuration page is displayed.
  2. Select the configuration file and complete the connection.
  3. Click Commit to database.

    The updated configuration file is loaded for the existing synchronization project.

Modified synchronization templates

The following topic provides an overview of the modified synchronization templates. Patches are available for updating synchronization templates in the existing synchronization projects. For more information on patches, see Patches for synchronization projects topic in One Identity Manager Release notes.

Table 9: Modified synchronization templates
Module Synchronization template Type of Modification
Database System Integration MSSql DB Level Template Changed
MSSql Server Level Template Changed
Oracle Database Template Changed
SAP HANA Template Changed
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