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Identity Manager 9.0 LTS - Web Portal for Application Governance User Guide

Using the Application Governance Module

You can reach the Application Governance Module through the Web Portal.

To use the Application Governance Module's functionality

  1. In the address line of your web browser, enter the web address (URL) of the Web Portal.

    TIP: By default, the URL is http://<server name>/<application name>/, where <server name> is the name of the server on which the Web Portal is installed.

  2. On the Web Portal login page, in the User input field, enter your full user name.

  3. In the Password field, enter your personal password.

  4. Click Log in.

  5. In the menu bar, click Data administration > Applications.

Using lists

The Application Governance Module uses lists to display data clearly (for example, application entitlements). In the following, you will find out how to use such lists effectively and which options are available to you.

To search for data

  • In the Search field above a list, enter a search string.

    The results list displays all the data that contain the given search string.

Using filters

You can find the filter function represented by (Filter) on a lot of pages. It provides you with a selection of different filters.

NOTE: The contents of the filters vary depending on context.

To use a filter

  1. On the page with the filter function, click (Filter).

  2. In the menu, enable the filter that you want to apply.

  3. (Optional) To reset the filter, click (Filter) and then Clear filters.


So called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) give you an overview of your applications, their content, and state.

The Application Governance Module differentiates between the following types of KPI:

  • General KPIs that provide you with a general overview of your applications

  • KPIs that relate to single applications and show whether certain policies have been adhered to (for example, if the number of permitted compliance violations has been exceeded)

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