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Identity Manager 9.1 - Web Designer Web Application Configuration Guide

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Sending the shopping cart

There are difference ways you can configure the shopping cart in the Web Portal.

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Setting the priority

Table 1: Configuration parameters for the request priority

Configuration parameter



Disables the priority's setting for a request made by a user in the Web Portal.

By default, users can set the priority of their own request.

To disable a priority setting

  1. Open the Web Designer.
  2. Open a module and search for "VI_ITShop_DisablePWOPriorityChange".
  3. Select "VI_ITShop_DisablePWOPriorityChange".
  4. Set the value to true in the Node editor view.

Confirming requests

Table 2: Configuration parameter for confirming requests

Configuration parameter



Forces confirmation of a request in the Web Portal.

The user can send a request in the Web Portal without confirmation, by default. However, confirmation is required if at least one warning is issued while checking the request.

If you want to have confirmation for requests without requiring a warning, you can configure "VI_ITShop_SubmitOrderImmediately".

To demand confirmation for a request

  1. Open the Web Designer.
  2. Open a module and search for "VI_ITShop_SubmitOrderImmediately".
  3. Select the configuration parameter "VI_ITShop_SubmitOrderImmediately".
  4. Set the value to false in the Node editor view.

Forcing reauthentication

Table 3: Configuration parameter for Active Directory request authentication

Configuration Parameter






Ensures Active Directory reauthentication when a request is carried out.

Denied and unsubscribed requests cannot be directly reinstated as new requests.

Denied and unsubscribed requests can be reinstated by recipients or requesters of the request.

To ensure reauthentication during a request

  1. Assign the terms of use to the service item.

    For more detailed information about assigning service items, see the One Identity Manager IT Shop Administration Guide.

  2. Open the Web Designer.
  3. Open a module and search for "VI_ITShop_TermsOfUseRequireADAuthentication".
  4. Select the configuration parameter "VI_ITShop_TermsOfUseRequireADAuthentication".
  5. Set the value to true in the Node editor view.
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