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Identity Manager 9.1 - Web Portal for Application Governance User Guide

Application Governance Module

The Application Governance Module allows you to quickly and simply run the onboarding process for new applications from one place. An application created with the Application Governance Module combines all the permissions application users require for their regular work. This way, you can assign application entitlements to your applications (such as system entitlements or system roles) and plan when they will be available as requestable products (service items) (for example, in the Web Portal).

You can find the Application Governance Module in the Web Portal.

NOTE: The role model stored in the database controls which Application Governance Module functions are available to you. This guide describes all the Application Governance Module functions. If you cannot find one of the functions described here in your Application Governance Module, it may be due to insufficient permissions. In this case, ask your administrator.

Available documentation

The online version of One Identity Manager documentation is available in the Support portal under Technical Documentation. You will find videos with additional information at

For more information about configuring the Application Governance Module, see the One Identity Manager Web Application Configuration Guide.

An overview of the functions

This section gives you an overview of the different functions available in the Application Governance Module.

With the Application Governance Module, you can:

Quick start - onboarding applications

The following provides a general list of the steps you need to take to create an application in the Application Governance Module and to make the associated application entitlements requestable in the Web Portal.

  1. Open the Web Portal (see Using the Application Governance Module).

  2. Create an application.

  3. Edit the application and assign a shop to it.

  4. Assign Entitlements to the application that are necessary for users. Users can request these application entitlements later in the Web Portal.

  5. Publish the application.

    This makes all application entitlements assigned to the application available for requesting in the Web Portal.

General advice

This chapter provides you with general advice on how to use the Application Governance Module.

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