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Identity Manager 9.2 - Administration Guide for Connecting to Native Databases through Database Systems Integration Module

Database Systems Integration Module Installing DSI Working with Oracle Database Working with MSSQL Working with SAP HANA Working with the MySQL database template User scenario Troubleshooting

Updating database role membership

Updating database role membership

The following describes the procedure to update database role membership.

To update database role membership

  1. Open the Manager.
  2. Navigate to Custom target systems | <required target system root> | User accounts.
  3. In Custom target system, select the Group to be updated.
  4. From the Assign Groups section, add or remove groups to update the database-role membership.

    The database-role membership is updated.

Working with SAP HANA

This chapter provides information about the SAP HANA database template provided in the Database Systems Integration module that is used to create mappings, workflows, startup configurations, and synchronize objects.

Features supported

Features supported

The following features are supported in the SAP HANA database.

  • Read all user accounts and their attributes.

  • Read all user roles.
  • Read all user role membership.
  • Read role membership.

  • Create and delete operations for users.

  • Change password.
  • Lock or unlock user.
  • Change role membership.
  • Change user role membership.

Prerequisites to configure the SAP HANA database

Prerequisites to configure the SAP HANA database

Ensure that the following prerequisites are met before configuring the SAP HANA database.

  • Before creating a new synchronization project on the SAP HANA database, install the SAP HANA client on a system that is set as the Job server.
    • Ensure that the information about the following attributes of the SAP HANA target system are available.

      • Hostname

      • Port number to the database
      • Username
      • Password
    • The generic database configuration server function must be enabled on the Designer for the Job server.

    For more information on assigning server function, refer the One Identity Manager Configuration Guide.

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