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Identity Manager 9.2 - Operational Guide

About this guide Simulating data changes in the Manager Scheduling operations activation times Re-applying templates Exporting data with the Manager Analyzing data and data changes Analyzing process monitoring in the Manager Schedules in One Identity Manager Mail templates in One Identity Manager Password policies in One Identity Manager Working with change labels Checking data consistency Compiling a One Identity Manager database Transporting custom changes Importing data with the Data Import Importing and exporting individual files for the software update Creating a One Identity Manager database for test or development from a database backup Initializing DBQueue Processor the after extending the server hardware Command line programs

About this guide

The One Identity Manager Operational Guide provides an overview of the tasks and features that will be of assistance to you during normal operation of One Identity Manager.

The guide explains how to analyze and monitor changes to data in the Manager. It describes how you schedule activation times for operations. Basic tasks in One Identity Manager, such as editing schedules and mail templates as well as creating password policies, are explained. The guide also describes simple procedures that are used to export and import application data.

It explains how to declare changes to the configuration in the system, how to check data consistency and how to exchange custom changes between the development database, test database and productive database.

This guide is intended for end users, system administrators, consultants, analysts, and any other IT professionals using the product.

NOTE: This guide describes One Identity Manager functionality available to the default user. It is possible that not all the functions described here are available to you. This depends on your system configuration and permissions.

This guide does not describe the Operations Support Web Portal. For information about this, see the One Identity Manager Operations Support Web Portal User Guide.

Available documentation

You can access One Identity Manager documentation in the Manager and in the Designer by selecting the Help > Search menu item. The online version of One Identity Manager documentation is available in the Support portal under Technical Documentation. You will find videos with additional information at

Simulating data changes in the Manager

Using the simulation mode in the Manager, you can record and analyze the effects of comprehensive data changes to begin with before finally applying the changes.

The following information is recorded during the simulation:

  • Calculation tasks for the DBQueue Processor resulting from the change

  • Trigger changes that result from the change

  • Processes that are generated as a result of the change

  • Objects that are affected by the change

  • Recalculations of compliance rules that result from the change

Detailed information about this topic

Prerequisites for using the simulation mode

To use the simulation mode, the following prerequisites apply:

  • To use the simulation mode in the Manager, users require the Common_Simulation program function.

  • A user with a minimum access level of Configuration user is required.

  • To re-calculate the compliance rules in simulation mode, enable the Identity Audit Simulation and Identity audit simulation summary plug-ins in the Manager program settings.

  • To ensure that the users can export the simulation data, enable the Common | Simulation | ExportReport configuration parameter in the Designer. If necessary, configure the report for exporting the simulation data.

Related topics

Configuring the simulation report

In the default One Identity Manager installation, the simulation report is created without the simulation data for evaluating the compliance rules.

To change the current report:

  • In the Designer, in the Common | Simulation | ExportReport configuration parameter, enter the technical name of the report to be used to export the simulation data. Available report are:

    • VID_DatabaseSimulationResult_Export: The report shows the simulation data without evaluation of the compliance rules. This is the standard report.

    • VID_DatabaseSimulationResult_with_Compliance_Export: The report shows the simulation data including evaluation of the compliance rules.

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