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Identity Manager 9.2 - Operational Guide

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Analyzing process monitoring in the Manager

In One Identity Manager, you have the option of logging the change history of objects and their properties. Different methods can be used to track changes within One Identity Manager.

For more information about the process monitoring methods, see the One Identity Manager Configuration Guide. For more information about configuring process monitoring of IT Shop requests, see the One Identity Manager IT Shop Administration Guide.

In the Manager‘s process view, the system shows the process data from running processes and process steps, the process data for direct database actions, and the recorded data changes in graphical format.

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Prerequisites for displaying the process information

To display the process information, the following prerequisites apply:

  • The process view in the Manager is only available if the Common | ProcessState configuration parameter is enabled and a method for monitoring the process is configured.

  • The process view shows the process data only if the process data recording procedure is configured.

  • The log is only displayed in the process view if the method for logging changes to data is configured and the logged in user has at least viewing permissions for the Dialogwatch* , DialogProcess*, and QBMWatchOperationSummary tables.

  • To open the process view in the Manager, users require the Common_ProcessView program function.

For more information about configuring the process monitoring, see the One Identity Manager Configuration Guide.

Working with the process view

The process view is divided into two parts.

  • The upper part of the process view displays a log containing the logged data changes. You can view the data changes of a process, a user and an object.

  • The process information form is displayed in the lower part of the process view. This shows you an overview of the actions triggered in the system and the resulting processes. This displays information for the overall process and for the individual steps of a process.

You can configure the layout of process information. You can specify the level from which information is shown, for example, activities, details, or individual steps. You can restrict the scope of the information shown.

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Opening the process view

To open the process view:

  • In the Manager menu, select the View > Process data menu item.

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