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Starling Connect Hosted - Active Roles Administration Guide

Working with Azure Active Directory

The following procedure briefs about the steps to register application, provide appropriate permissions, retrieve client ID, and client secret.

Working with Azure AD

  1. Login to the Microsoft Azure portal and select Azure Active Directory from FAVORITES.

  2. From Manage section, select App Registrations (Preview).
  3. Click New registration and provide the necessary details.
  4. Select the created application and click View API Permissions.
  5. Add the required permissions for Microsoft Graph API (delegated and application permissions).

    The registered application must have User.ReadBasic.All, User.Read, User.ReadWrite, User.ReadWrite.All, Directory.Read.All, Directory.ReadWrite.All, Directory.AccessAsUser.All, Group.Read.All, and Group.ReadWrite.All permissions.

  6. Click Grant admin consent for Default Directory checkbox to grant necessary permissions.
  7. From the created application, click App Registrations (Preview) and note the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID.
  8. Select Certificates & secrets and click New client secret to generate the secret.
  9. Paste the following URL in the browser,{Client ID}&state=12345&redirect_uri=http://localhost/myapp/permissions.
  10. Click Accept.

Providing permission to update or delete users password

  1. Install the Azure AD PowerShell v1 module (MSOnline).

  2. Connect to your Azure AD B2C tenant.

  3. Use the Application(client) ID in the PowerShell script to assign the application the user account administrator role.

For more details on Azure AD, refer the following links:

Generating a private key for service account in GoToMeeting

A private key has to be generated to access the GoToMeeting service account.

Generating a private key

  1. Create an account in GoToMeeting.

  2. Login to the GoTo Developer Center. For more information use the link here:
  3. Click MyApp and create an application. Note the Consumer key and Consumer secret.
  4. Login to the GoToMeeting administrator portal to find the admin key in the URL.
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