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Defender 6.4.1 - Token User Guide

Using software tokens
Soft Token for Android Soft Token for iOS Soft Token for Java Soft Token for Windows Authy E-mail token Google Authenticator GrIDsure token SMS token VIP credential Software token Enabling the use of Microsoft Authenticator Enabling the use of OneLogin Authenticator
Using hardware tokens

Authenticating with DIGIPASS GO 7 token

To authenticate with the DIGIPASS GO 7 token

  1. Access the resource protected by Defender.
  2. When prompted, enter your user ID.

    Defender prompts you to enter your token response.

  3. Press the button on your DIGIPASS Go 7 token to generate a response.
  4. Enter the response at the Defender prompt.

If this is the first time you have used your token, you can change the PIN from the one supplied by your security administrator to a PIN that only you know.

Changing PIN

To change your PIN

  • During authentication, type the following syntax:
    <current initial PIN><DIGIPASS GO 7 token response><new PIN><new PIN>

YubiKey token

The YubiKey token is a device that connects to the USB port on your computer. The computer identifies the YubiKey as a USB keyboard and for this reason you can use the YubiKey on any operating system without installing a driver.



To generate a one-time password (OTP), touch the metal button on your YubiKey. The OTP is automatically entered at the current cursor position.

Before you start using the YubiKey token for authentication, you need to register it. You can either have the system administrator register the token for you or you can register the token yourself.

Your system administrator may configure a special Web site called the Defender Self-Service Portal where you can register hardware tokens. Contact your system administrator to learn if you can use the Defender Self-Service Portal to register hardware tokens and to obtain the address (URL) of the portal Web site. For more information, see Registering a hardware token.

Registering YubiKey token

To self-register your YubiKey token

  1. Insert the YubiKey token into a USB port on your computer.
  2. In your Web browser, open the Defender Self-Service Portal page for registering your YubiKey token.

    To obtain the page address (URL), contact your system administrator.

  3. If prompted, sign in to the Defender Self-Service Portal.

    The Enter YubiKey one-time password page opens.

  4. Touch the metal button on your YubiKey token to insert the token serial number into the text box on the page.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the token registration.
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